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Welch Allyn Tycos Professional Stethoscope Review

Welch Allyn StethoscopeMany of us use Littmann stethoscopes in day today practice but one more company is making stir in the stethoscope market is ‘Welch Allyn’.

Many student prefer using Welch Allyns stethoscopes, so we decide to have a look in one stethoscope made by them.

A professional stethoscope by Welch Allyn is great and named as Welch Allyn Tycos Stethoscope and when we talk about quality it almost come close to Littmann.

But price feels like to be on little higher side but if you are looking for a stethoscope for study and does not want to buy Littmann stethoscope then you can prefer buying Welch Allyn Tycos stethoscope. It can be a best choice in such situations when student does not want to use Littmann.

It does come with good acoustic quality and helpful to diagnose subtle sounds of body. One can easily hear korotkoff sound as well as heart murmurs with this stethoscope.

It is a single lumen stethoscope that provide stainless steel chest-piece. This stethoscope have good quality to amplify the sound that helps in proper diagnosis.

This stethoscope have unique, patented technology by Welch Allyn known as ‘Comfort Sealing Technology’ for an ear-tips which makes this stethoscope comfortable to wear on ear canal.

Stethoscope is light weight and can easy to carry. It also comes with common features that is diaphragm with non-chill rims, adjustable binaurals as well as a chest-piece with double head. Overall speaking, this stethoscope will not let you down on its quality if you purchase. It has good acoustic quality, comfortable ear-tips and lightweight.

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