About Us

Your site looks Simple & Clean in the Ocean of Crazy Web!

Well, thanks. We like to keep things simple. Ne mess, no clutter, nothing flashy; we believe in the simplicity. ‘The Best Stethoscope Guide’ is a list of the best stethoscopes, each scope in the list has been chosen mindfully and in accordance with many hours of research and interviews with the most knowledgeable experts in health industry. It’s not a blog neither we need to update it frequently. We don’t write about breaking news neither we are able to post multiple times a day—we just want to help you pick out a great stethoscope and get on with your life.

Why you started this site?

Me & my friends struggled to understand which is a perfect stethoscope when we took admission to medical college. But our seniors and other doctors helped us out. We just thought; there has to be some unique source of information about which stethoscope is better to use in clinical practice & the site born in 2013.

How do I use your site?

Can you see a chart of different stethoscope brands on the front page? Pick the best that suits to your need and read the descriptions of our handful of choices. Each stethoscope is special & unique, but we bet there’s minimum one stethoscope out there that fits for you in our narrow list of choice(s).

How do you choose what you recommend?

We gather all the data we can find from existing reviews and literature, interview the physicians, research all the different choices that we can find, & after winnowing our list to a few finalists, we often perform tests if they feel they’ll help us make a better call. That usually takes between 10 and 50 hours per stethoscope. And then we make up our minds. Sometimes we agree with the other physicians who have tested these stethoscopes while sometime we recommend a lower- or higher-tier item depending on what we think most people will need.

Why should I listen to you?

Well, it does all depend upon you. Either you can listen to us or not.

Dr. Sachin (founder of this site) & his friends build this site from scratch and have the specialized degree of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) (a regular full-time 5.5 years of medicaldegree course recognised by Central Council of Homoeopathy, Deptt. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India).

Dr. Sachin also completed his diploma in Emergency Medical Services and served as Team leader for Emergency Medical Team at Ziqitza Health Care Limited; Mumbai for almost 2 and half years.

He has been also worked as Intensivist in few leading hospitals from Mumbai suburbs. Now he runs his practice.

Why only the best? What if I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the top of the line?

When we say best, we don’t mean the one that costs the most or has the most features. In many cases, top of the line models are unnecessary for most students. Because we live in an age where most stethoscopes are good enough, we generally like to find the sweet spot of cost as balanced out by the features we think most medical students need. We often pick a model above and below that exact point to give some context. Another belief we have, which helps us make decisions, is that you can argue styles but you can’t argue quality or value. Those things are self-evident.

What if I want something different than your choice?

That could happen. Take our choices under consideration and read what we’ve written. Read why we’ve selected it, check out the best reviews we’ve linked to, and go up or down a few models to get the one that will work for you. We think that might be easier than sorting through and comparing a few dozen of stethoscope from scratch.

Why do you so infrequently update your site?

Since our site is a list of stethoscopes that are awesome, not things that are new, we don’t have to update that frequently. That’s because the things that are really worth buying don’t come along that often. When they do, we’ll write. In other words, we don’t write just to write.

What’s with those buy buttons and those Amazon links?

We make money off of those. When you use that links to buy a stethoscope from Amazon; they pay us small fee that help us to run this website without any downtime. Because we do have the bills to pay to keep this site up and running.

 What if the kind of thing I want isn’t on your site?

Contact Us and let us know if you need some help figuring out a particular buying problem.